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What's New With EBI R430

Power In Your Hands 
More than just an update, EBI R430 has new functionality with user-friendly features and web-based integration, promoting greater control of your facility for improved business outcomes.
Integration Is Easier Than Ever
With EBI R430’s powerful Automation Engine, enterprise-wide integration is simplified thanks to a logical and intuitive process for configuring routine integration tasks.
  • Integration made easy – Facility-wide rules are more quickly configured
  • Improve workflow and operational efficiencies – Event based, automated workflows reduce errors and minimize the need for manual intervention, making valuable resources available where needed most
  • Confidence and compliance – Easy-to-use reporting and self-documenting templates provide transparency into the rules history throughout your facility
To view a demo of the Automation Engine, contact us​ today.
Mobility Drives Productivity
Optimize facility operations by, remote monitoring and controlling your facility with Honeywell EasyMobile. EBI R430 enables you to use a tablet for full mobile access and control or a smartphone to navigate, change set points and acknowledge alarms.

Simplify Everyday Tasks

Open & Connected

Confidence and Compliance