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About Enterprise Buildings Integrator

Introducing the EBI suite

The Honeywell EBI software suite provides a comprehensive suite of integrated building management solutions that can be delivered in numerous combinations for enhanced facility performance. Enhancements to the EBI suite of solutions are driven by user-feedback, innovation and technology trends, providing flexibility and freedom of choice depending upon your operational and business goals.
  • Honeywell Digital Video Manager – An intuitive, scalable digital CCTV surveillance solution that promotes improved operational efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and performance.
  • Honeywell Energy Express – New to the EBI family, Energy Express provides a portfolio of energy and cost reports representing a smart first step in your journey to energy optimization, advance legislative compliance goals and identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Honeywell Energy Manager – New version release providing comprehensive tools to monitors, validates and optimizes energy usage to help reduce costs, improve efficiency and operational activities
  • Honeywell Life Safety Manager – Monitors and controls fire alarm systems for enhanced protection and reduced risk
  • Honeywell Building Manager – Addresses your building management goals by interfacing with leading open system solutions
  • Honeywell Security Manager – Integrates information from security, access control systems and surveillance devices, promoting the protection of people, assets and intellectual property

Open, Flexible and Scalable

Freedom of Choice