What’s new with EBI R500

Here are some benefits of upgrading to the latest release

Cloud / Mobile Apps

Access Control app, Alarm Notification app, Cloud Connectivity out of the box, Attune™ Analytics.

 Reduced impact of critical incidents and faster response and decision-making through collaboration


Performance improvements included in EBI R500 allow a 200% increase in point capacity – helping reduce customer cost on larger systems.

 Increased speed and agility to respond to changing opportunities


Windows® 2012 and BACnet® 1.12. Certified ISO9000 and over 25,000 systems with global support.

 Risk mitigation through implementation of robust cyber security best practices

New user interface

The new, intuitive user interface promotes speed, ease of use and a minimal learning curve to save time and cost, and increases engagement.

 Streamlined operational control

Functional enhancements

Alarm shelving of apparent nuisance alarms helps focus on high priority alarms, optimizing operators’ time and promoting a safer, more secure facility.

 Advanced operational efficiency

Security improvements

E-locks, Easy Lobby® Visitor Management, MicroLAC updates, Galaxy & Vista Updates.

 Increased protection of people and assets

Dynamic Timed, Access Rights, Work Time Monitor, Pharma Compliance Reports, Honeywell Safety SAAS suite.

 Improved control and monitoring