Experience Real Outcomes

Faster decision making

Whether your business is a single building, a campus environment, a nationwide organization or a global operation, this smart, dynamic application of technology through EBI R500 promotes increased efficiency, reduced costs, lower risks and a safer environment through actionable insights.

The new release offers a unified view across your Building & Energy Management, Life Safety, Access Control, Intrusion and CCTV surveillance systems. All are managed through the intuitive EBI user interface for more streamlined operational control, enabling faster informed decision making.

Greater control

EBI R500 supports building integration through Open systems and Enterprise web services, providing real time facility data when you need it to increase productivity, optimize efficiency, and promote the safety and security of your facility.

Cloud connectivity to a library of mobile applications provides end-users and system maintainers with real time access to a central data repository, helping boost operational efficiency without the cost of duplicating hardware and data.

EBI R500 is built upon Microsoft Windows® Server 2012 R2 and Internet Explorer® 11. The EBI platform is further strengthened through the implementation of robust cyber security practices.

Improved business efficiency

The application of Honeywell User Experience (HUE) is an enabler that drives better outcomes for our customers through improved uniformity and operational efficiency across all aspects of interaction with EBI.

Intelligent automated workflows promote reduction of operational, engineering and maintenance costs as well as reduction of the complexity and risks of manual intervention.

Requested by customers, alarm shelving of nuisance alarms in EBI R500 helps focus on high priority alarms, optimizes the operator's time and promotes a safer and more secure facility.

Flexibility and freedom of choice

Honeywell EBI is a comprehensive suite of integrated building management solutions that can be delivered in different combinations to meet the requirements of your facility. Enhancements to the EBI platform are driven by user-feedback, innovation and technology trends. EBI R500 provides flexibility and freedom of choice, to help promote your operational and business goals.